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This project has been sold. Thanks for your interest.


My proposed paint scheme

This Tandem AirBike and accompanying web site were started in the winter of 2000.
The Project Log pages (listed below) were intended to document milestones and items of general interest in the project, but they got completely out of control almost immediately! My background includes engineering, industrial design, woodworking, machining, kit aircraft development and construction, and avionics installation. I've picked up a lot of tricks from my experiences in this wide variety of disciplines, so that's what you can expect to find in the pages that follow. I hope you enjoy this site, and perhaps find some ideas that will enhance your own efforts at building a flying machine.

ISON Aircraft has been sold to an Indiana-based partnership, JDT Mini-Max LLC. They currently have the mini-MAX and Hi-MAX lines in production. For information on these designs visit the JDT Mini-Max site and also the ETLB forum.

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I am an enthusiast, but not a crank in the sense that I have some pet theories as to the proper construction of a flying machine. I wish to avail myself of all that is already known and then, if possible, add my mite to help on the future worker who will attain final success.

Wilbur Wright -- May 30, 1899


Project Log

January - March 2000
Planned modifications, kit arrival, landing gear installation, gusset-making and rib building.

April 2000
The Southern Airplane Tour -- Visiting 3 AirBikes, Sun 'n Fun, 2 hang gliding parks and the ISON facility.

May 2000
Spars, root and tip ribs, and nose ribs.

June 2000
Spar and rib completion and a special airplane ride.

July 2000
Wing assembly, glue and sandpaper tips, Oshkosh and more on aerotowing.

August 2000
Not much visible progress, but an extensive search for the best engine/gearbox/prop combo... and a DECISION at last.

September 2000
Visible progress again... aileron assembly mostly.

October 2000
Aileron construction details, including the Great Aileron Sparcap Predicament.

November 2000
Towlines, new friends and heavy ailerons.

December 2000
Flaperon solutions

January 2001
An update on the Junkers flaperon project

February 2001
Flaperon parts in hand, finally.

March 2001
Are we tired of the words "flaperon" and "Junkers" yet?

April 2001
Sun 'n Fun fluff, and some building progress. Really.

July 2001
ISON Aircraft takes flight, aluminum work, and diversions.

December 2001
Notes on contacting me, and painting aircraft with latex "house" paint

November 2002
I'm baaaaaaaack! Progress on the project after a long hiatus.

February 2003
Fuselage finishing and misc. (a large, 3-part installment)

September 2004 (updated 10/30/05)
This project has been SOLD. No further updates from me, sorry..


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