Tandem AirBike Project SOLD


The Tandem AirBike project has been SOLD to a buyer in Germany.


This kit includes all components that were available from Ison Aircraft, excluding wheel pants (wheel pants are not usable with the tundra tires). Included is nearly everything needed for completion except engine, prop, instruments and paint:

  • Pre-welded fuselage kit
  • Pre-welded tail group
  • Wing kit
  • Drooped wing tips
  • Engine installation kit (for Rotax 503)
  • Completion kit (fabric, windshield and much more)
  • Machined metal fittings
  • Wing fold kit
  • Spinner
  • Two 5-gallon wing tanks
  • Complete plan set and structural engineering study

Extras included:

  • Tundra tires
  • High quality Italian wheels & brakes
  • Aluminum Junkers-type flaperons adapted from the Zenith CH-701, with special engineering by Chris Heintz and support from Wayne Ison
  • Thicker-walled engine boom tube for use with Rotax 582 (in addition to the thinner stock tube for the 503)

While this aircraft was being modified to use Junkers-type flaperons instead of the original, built-in plain-type flaperons, nothing has been altered that would prevent the builder from using the original surfaces. You still have the choice of the original flaperons (a known quantity) or the performance-enhancing Junkers flaperons (an experimental undertaking). Aside from the flaperon option and the tundra tires, this project is completely stock (as designed by Wayne Ison).


The aircraft has been stored on the balcony of a (moderately) climate-controlled hangar for the last three years. Click on either image for an enlargement.


Project status

Fuselage: Nearly complete. Needs engine installation (not included), final seat installation, and basic flight/engine instruments. Metallic green color coat.

Tail group: Fitted and primed, ready for fabric cover.

Wing: Left and right panels mostly framed from the front spar back. Will be nearly complete with the installation of the nose ribs and leading edge skins (included).

Lift struts: Aluminum struts and end fittings (included). To be fit during wing/fuselage mating.



Also SOLD:

Rotax 582

This engine is 5 hours past a total rebuild. It has a single-ignition head. The guy at R&D Aerosports that rebuilt it told me that the single ignition system is actually more reliable and has a hotter spark than the dual unit Rotax sells. The engine includes a Y pipe with ceramic coating and EGT probe sockets, with probes included. Two Bing carbs are included, but no boots. The engine has no ignition equipment at this time.

The reduction is a Rotax C box, 3.4:1. I bought it from a mechanic/instructor friend of mine. It is used but in good condition. The gears are 3.4:1, but the housing is labeled something else. I have flown behind the reduction, and helped remove it from the engine, so I am confident the reduction is in good condition. The engine includes a rear offset starter, perfect for the Tandem. I believe this starter assembly alone is worth over $500.

The engine also includes a new, unused R&D tuned pipe that is straight for use on the Tandem. This pipe is supposed to increase the 582's power output from 65hp to 80hp. Mounting springs are included.


Here's the last photo I'll take of the Tandem AirBike project, carefully packed in an overseas shipping container and headed for Germany. Best of luck with the project, Bernd!