Climax Photos

Here are the photos we've found from the 1983 & 1984 festivals. If you have any additional photos, please send them in so we can post them here! All uncredited photos are from Doug or Bayliss's camera.


Chris Kline (deceased), Unknown, Leo Beier, Cesar DuBois, in the kitchen recording studio at the 1983 festival. Note the carpet acoustical treatment on the walls.


Chris Kline, Leo Beier, Stephen Golightly.


Preparing the schoolhouse chalkboard for the human pipe organ


Cesar & Doug tuning organ pipes


(Laurie Ward)


(Laurie Ward)


The human pipe organ in action


Stephen, Jim, Don & Chris


Cesar hoists the Kansas state flag


Happy campers -- Bayliss and Laurie (Laurie Ward)


Clockwise from lower left: Mickie, Jim,
Leo, Eddie, Jay, Lawrence (Laurie Ward)


Rick and Deborah (Laurie Ward)


Marianne (Laurie Ward)


Laurie at the Climax Post Office (Laurie Ward)


Fiddlin' for the outdoor barn dance -
Jim, Amy, Doug, Valerie and Leo


Gary, Cheryl, Kate, Dick, Jean...



Doug, Jim, Jay and Rick wrapping up the 1983 event


Deborah Bettinger, Chris Brown, Bayliss Harsh, Mike Rundle, Jane McMurrer, dancing to some music in the meadow at the 1984 festival.