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Headline from The Onion:
Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity
With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory
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The ULF-1 foot-launchable sailplane now has its own e-mail discussion group.
If you're building a ULF-1, or are a foot-launch sailplane enthusiast, check out:



The Archeaopteryx is being produced! I want one!



Adventure AirSports — Ottawa, KS
Airpark no longer in operation, but you can still visit the web site



Essensual Life Sculpture — Lawrence, Kansas

Studio quality artworks from lifecast molds taken directly off the body



Peghead Old-Time Stringband
Doug's band in Lawrence, KS. For a good old-time, call us!
Doug DuBois' public archive of old-time
fiddle lessons and fiddletab transcriptions



Climax Festival 25 Year Reunion —
May, 2008, Lawrence KS -- The midwest's finest grassroots musicians reunite
to memorialize a magical weekend in 1983 and play music with old and new friends
(domain has been abandoned, but the site is archived here on



Farewell, Les
Memorial page for Les Taff (Leslie Taff), aero-gypsy extraordinairre



Alligator, Inc. — Lawrence, Kansas
Aircraft flight testing, engineering, consulting and certification



GUT Works, LLC — Lawrence, Kansas
Aircraft builder assistance, modification & repair, avionics
installation, ferrying & exporting, and prototyping.



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