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The 4' wingspan radio-controlled Pietenpol Aircamper I built
in the early 80's. My interest in Pietenpols started even earlier.

Ultra-Piet tail feathers done, hanging on wall.
Right wing going together on table.

Joining the wing panels to the fuselage center section
(sorry, none of my fuselage assembly photos came out)

The mostly completed airframe -- "75% done and 75% to go..."

Fabric on & painted, here's the door to the office

Muffler cracked its welds and fell off on the first take-off attempt!
Discouraged builder drags his bird back to the hangar.

1,400 hours later, the congratulating committee after the first flight.

You can't see it, but there is a BIG grin on this boy's face! (Mike Yoder photo)
(I'm pedalling as fast as I can, Mike's in a 152 going as slow as it can)

The plane above is not a real Pietenpol, but a 3/4 scale ultralight replica.
To see the real thing, visit Buckeye Pietenpol Association


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